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Jazz is one of our favourite curly haired bitch because this chick simply knows how to work on cock like a pro. In this video she willingly stripped naked in a matter of minutes and even let us get close up views of her nice tits and round ass. We knew how much Jazz wanted to be fucked hard so we gave it to her. Jazz knelt on the white couch naked and she got attacked and rammed hard from behind. Another guy went in front of her and like a good whore, Jazz immediately opened her mouth and sucked on the cock.


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Lola is a thing of beauty. Her mix of Latina and Indian give her that exotic look that make guys want to stare and sample. Lola is a nice girl and is very submissive too. This episode was her first porn scene ever but she let us do what we wanted with her. So we took the chance and took turns ramming cocks down her throat. Man, that mouth has the skills of a true puta! We didn’t pass up the chance to fuck this little whore and she even got a bonus of three facials from us.


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Pearl is a petite Latina who is barely out of her teens. At 19 years old, Pearl is pretty much naïve and innocent. Truth be told, she did not deserve to be defiled and abused as much as she got in this video. But she caught us during a frustrating day, we just had to blow off some steam and fuck her brains out. Pearl did some moves that were pretty extreme for a newbie like her. It is her first time to be filmed with more than one cock and with cocks so huge, none like she has ever handled before. We even got the blonde teen to ride cock like a horny puta.


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Rosie is a cutie who has never done porn ever. And what’s more, she has never had experience with two guys at the same time either. As expected, having a porn virgin on set is always interesting and Rosie is the Latina hottie who made it worth our while. It was amusing and gratifying to watch her look so shocked and dumbfounded when cocks came at her from every direction, as if to attack her and rip her apart. Poor Rosie couldn’t even say no when we pulled a double vag on her. That hurt for sure but at least she got a hot cum facial in the end.


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Mela is one horny puta who enjoys having cock in her mouth and in all of her holes. She was more than eager to show us her skills so we let her work her magic on the different guys we have on set. Mela was showing off her Latina ass and working that thing like a whore. Of course we had to give her what she wanted, some hardcore fucking and a warm spray of jizz on her face. It is always as fun as a fiesta when we have Mela’s skank pussy around to use and abuse.


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Ashlin is cutie who came to the shoot with such a s sunny and bubbly attitude. This Latina is another porno virgin and she admitted that she has never had rough sex before. Knowing those things made us feel hotter for this chick and when she showed off by licking her own tits, we knew we had to bang her out of her wits. Ashlin got her pretty face abused repeatedly and her ass got invaded so roughly, she screamed as if she was being split in two. No pity party here, Ashlin knew we wouldn’t take it easy on her. She just sat there to receive loads of cum on her face.


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Bunny is one of those ditzy chicks who can be so stupid that things get crazy funny. Bunny was so horny, she did not think twice when we put two extra large salchica in front of her face. Bunny tried to suck on it the best way she can but her little mouth just could not take too much man meat. So we took her head and pushed down the cock instead. The little bitch even shed a tear when we asked how her mom might think if she saw Bunny working like a skanky whore. It didn’t matter, we fucked her holes hard anyway.


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Mya is a skinny bitch who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. Mya has the fine Latin looks and an even finer Latina ass. Truth be told, we were a little worried if she can take all the punishment. But we were impressed when Mya even looked amused and turned on by all the slapping on her ass and the invasion of her throat. She didn’t even seem to mind that we sprayed jizz all over her face. And oh, Mya kind of did not want to but we got her to swallow the cum that we put on a spoon.


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Gabriel is an all natural chick with nice bouncy curls. This young babe has never done porn before but we are glad she came to us for her first time. Gabriel is a natural porn star we tell you! Sure she gagged when we abused her mouth but she did not complain when we filled her holes deep and slapped her tight ass so hard. Gabriel took every punishment and we think she even enjoyed each minute of it. Will she be back for more? We hope so. In the meantime, check out how Gabriel did good on her first shoot.


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Jailyn is a 19 year old hottie who enjoys clubbing so much, she has turned dancing at local bars into a career. We were at the bar when Jailyn took the stage and the moment we saw her Latina ass shaking, we knew she was perfect for us. The blonde bombshell was eager to get a little extra dough and maybe she was turned on by the tatts on the guys that she agreed for a shoot. Jailyn is as hot on the couch as she is at the bar. Check out how she gets banged hard on the couch.